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To register for an event, please go here.  Be sure to check with us for the latest information.

Presidents Day Weekend

This event at the Guadalupe Ridge began in the late 1990's.  Pilots from Colorado and northern New Mexico who were tired of being snow bound started camping out at the Rim as a means of getting out and flying during the winter doldrums.  Other pilots in the region soon followed suit and over last few years the skies over the Ridge in February have been filled with gliders for 3 to 5 days.  Although conditions are not always perfect, serious amounts of airtime and loads of fun have been had.  In 2004 and 2005 over 20 pilots camped out.  If you have never experienced this event it is definitely one not to miss.  The Rim is remote, so bring all of your necessities -- no cell service, no utilities.  Site conditions generally favor HG but small windows in the early morning have been observed when the winds drop below 15 mph for PG.  Contact us for more details on the weather there.

Memorial Day Fly-In

Held at Dry Canyon and has a history that goes back to 1979.  It was officially held for the first time in 1980.  Like most meets in the early days, it was just another excuse for the local pilots to get together for some bragging rights.  The meet has turned out to one of the great meet success stories in the U.S., not only for its fun flying and super soaring conditions, but for those who wish to compete for awards.  This is a full fledged event with all the trimmings and one not to miss.  The official USHPA National Fun Fly-In was held here in 1991 and 2005.

Columbus Day Fly-In

Held at Dry Canyon since 1987.  This meet is a scaled down version of the Memorial Day event and is geared even more towards the fun aspect of soaring.  Conditions this time of year are slowing down a bit which is ideal for paragliding.  XC flights of seventy miles and more have been made.  It's another one of the great times of fun flying in southern New Mexico and there is lots of everything pilots are looking for.  Meet at the Cox Field LZ for Dry Canyon, about 8:00 am each day.  One of the RGSA officers will meet you and be sure you get a ride to launch.  After a day's flying, pilots will be able to meet for a barbecue and fun at the LZ.

Veterans Day Fly-In

Held in the Franklin Mountains State Park (FMSP) in El Paso, TX.  It is primarily a PG event but HG is also welcome.  Most of the sites in the Franklins require a short hike for access and this has discouraged HG (but we are working on this).  The primary site is Agave Hill or Nelson's Launch, depending on the weather.  The Franklin Mountains offer incomparable ridge soaring -- something that the Sacramento Mountains (Dry Canyon) do not accommodate as well.  There is abundant camping (no utilities) in the Park.  FMSP is the largest park in the U.S. that is entirely within city limits.  Before registering for this event or flying here, it is important to thoroughly read the requirements for flying within the Park.  These can be found at the bottom of the page for Agave Hill.  For the sturdy, they can do the 2.75 hour hike up to the summit of N. Mt. Franklin and enjoy a 40 minutes sled ride or combine both ridge soaring and thermalling.