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Flying Site Information

The RGSA insures and maintains a number of sites in its region.  They are:

Franklin Mountains State Park - Agave Hill Launch 31.913033, -106.506967 , El Paso, TX;
Franklin Mountains State Park - Main LZ 31.910659, -106.519001, El Paso, TX;
Franklin Mountains State Park - Lee's Lookout Launch 31.877933, -106.500250, El Paso, TX;
Franklin Mountains State Park - Nelson's Launch 31.872852, -106.498522, El Paso, TX;
Franklin Mountains State Park - North Mount Franklin Launch 31.902917, -106.493700, El Paso, TX;
Franklin Mountains State Park - Alt Nelson's LZ 31.876043,-106.518821, El Paso, TX
Dry Canyon - HG Launch 32.927171, -105.885846 Alamogordo NM
Dry Canyon - PG Launch 32.925986, -105.883702 Alamogordo NM
Dry Canyon - LZ 32.928433, -105.945367, Alamogordo NM

For additional information on the above sites and other sites in the region, go to the flying sites info page from Southwest Airsports.

The following pilots can help you with flying our sites.  Please contact one of them if you would like more information.  We want you to have a fun and safe experience.

Contacts for Site Info

Robin Hastings (575) 541-5744  HG
Bill Cummings (575) 541-0803  HG
Mike Ellsworth (575) 937-4840  HG
Lee Boone (915) 256-1772  PG & HG
Had Robinson (915) 726-2698  PG

Site Rules

All pilots must abide by our site rules.  You will not be permitted to fly at our insured sites* unless you agree to our site rules.  These rules apply to all visitors.  Flying in the Franklin Mountains State Park has additional rules which are enforced by Park Police.

Remember that a hang check is required before launch at all RGSA sites, and a buddy check of your glider and harness is also strongly recommended.  For Dry Canyon and La Luz, follow these two safety rules:

If White Sands starts dusting up, it’s too turbulent to be safe. Don’t launch, or if you’re in the air, land as soon as you can get to the LZ. It is no fun being a leaf in the wind… If you find yourself near the launch, looking up at it, start for the landing zone! You are getting low a long way back from a landable area.