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RGSA 36th annual meeting agenda January 20, 2018

Had Robinson, Secretary

Please contact me to add things to the agenda.  Below are some things that have come to my mind but need input from our members.

1. Site development, loss, and acquisition – this is an important, delicate, and critical issue.  Getting along with all landowners, public or private is important.  Relationship with current land owners (it’s only going to get tougher). All it takes is an accident at Dry (in the LZ) or in the Franklin Mtns State Park and the jig could be up.  Britton Shaw lost his training site because of a death.  It is walking on eggshells in the U.S. and it's not going to change until major aspects of the U.S. judicial system are changed and brought into line with the rest of the world.  We are unlikely to see this change.  An accident draws unfavorable attention from the authorities and the public.  Here is where the overall benefit to the group is more important than individual rights.  The same goes with having a license to drive a car or fly an airplane.

2. Relationship with other soaring associations e.g. with the SSA and US Hawks.

3. Getting a weather station at Mag.  We have members already committed to giving to this. We need to establish a fund just for this purpose.

4. Getting weather stations at other important sites e.g. E. Potrillo. Tom Bird could be a very important help in this matter.

5.  A hang gliding school here – we have experienced HG pilots and we could help them become USHPA instructors.

6. RGSA assets – what about our hang glider for training? Is it in good condition and safe?

7. Steve Crye -- Establish a sign-off system for Dry and other sites. Either an instructor or a vote by guides would permit a pilot with a rating lower than published on the site info to fly.  We had a suggestion to make changes in the site rules to allow lesser experienced pilots to fly with guidance.  Had: People with advanced ratings have come here and had serious problems, especially those trained on the coasts.  Nick R suggested that any newer pilots who are there with an instructor must be connected to a radio so that, in case of bad conditions for example, can be instructed to land.  Had: What kind of radio?  The Baofeng costs 1/5th of the YAESU or an ICOM.  The former is not the same piece of equipment and has proven not to be reliable.  A poor radio is better than no radio....

8. The bylaws of the RGSA need to be updated.  We can tentatively make the changes we need but the final draft must be done by an attorney.  a. The language needs to include "paragliding" regarding the primary purpose of the Association.  b. The office of "Newsletter Editor" needs to be retired as it is generally a part of the duties of the Secretary.  c. The office of "Safety Officer" needs to be created as it is required by our parent organization.  d.  The bylaws call for regular monthly meetings and this should be removed from the bylaws because it is difficult for members to meet monthly as they live over 100 miles of each other. e. Notice of meetings should be limited to email.  The cost and trouble for mailing notices to all of members is a waste of money and time.  We could add that those who do not have email can have a text message or phone call made to them by an officer.  f. The office of Secretary/Treasurer needs to be split into its respective, separate offices and duties.  g. Bill Cummings has suggested these by-law changes.

9. Robin Hastings -- Free hosting for RGSA.info saves money but we have to deal with flakey overseas companies that cannot get figure out basic stuff, like DNS.  Had is looking into alternatives.  Steve Crye recommends iPower.  Had purchased a hosting package from Namecheap for various other domains, will add RGSA.  See how it goes.

10.  Relationships with county airports -- in some parts of the country, ultralights are banned from county airports because of rogue pilots who do not follow the rules, have an aviation band radio, etc.  Near collisions and the widespread opinion that UL pilots have no idea what they are doing has not helped.  Here in Dona Ana County, things are very good -- so far.  We want to keep it that way.

11. Election of new officers for 2018